Military Funding

In the presidential forum Wednesday, 07 September with Matt Lauer, Trump suggested some of the top military officials in the U.S. could, or should, be dismissed because they are weak (“reduced to rubble”): dedicated to Obama’s, their commander’s, strategy.  Jeremy Herb at Politico, among the least intelligent persons alive, offered his take.  “Individual generals and admirals have traditionally been removed from their posts for misconduct or a failure to perform their duties. Cashiering a group of them en masse would be unheard of — and could irrevocably tarnish the perception that the military is an institution divorced from politics.”  Contrary to the ramblings of this baboon Jeremy, this shows Trump’s understanding that the upper echelons of the military are 100% political, without exception.  These generals/admirals are unsuccessfully executing an unsuccessful plan.  It would be prudent and wise to review their employment with the change in administration.  The Military has enjoyed a safe space of honor and respect from politicians and the public since Vietnam concluded.  As the taxpayer’s largest and most expensive toy, the Military must be held to an equal, if not higher standard of scrutiny.  It is high time to pair our infinite gratitude and respect with a parallel commitment to making the most powerful organization in the world leaner, more efficient and stronger than ever.  (Photo Credit:  NY Daily News)

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