I remember hearing a classmate, Greg Clough, quote this movie in 3rd Grade.  Since then I’ve been subjected top countless quotes and references, so when I recently saw it pop up on Netflix, I had to watch.  I expected your typical dark cult classic with the quotability and humor and fringe appeal I usually enjoy, but found myself ambushed by “the feels.”  Slingblade is deeply moving; it handles mental retardation better than any film in history.  The film forces you into a value dilemma in which the difference between right and wrong is so unbelievably obscure and complex it will make your head spin. It is almost unfortunate that the character and scenes are so forceful, because the pleasure of Slingblade is offered delicately in the midst of the racket.  This is in the top 10 best movies I’ve ever seen, it is Billy Bob Thornton’s only good movie and it owns a permanent piece of realty in the part of my brain working to make me better. 

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